Grand Tour-Foto gallery-Monastery Panagia

Monastery Panagia, entrance, Grand Tour Ammoudara to Rodia village with a short STOP 25min
Grand Tour
Visit Happy Train Monastery Panagia, the walk down to the Church
Monastery Panagia Grand Tour, the stone path to the exhibition room
Panagia Monastery
HappyTrain.gr Ammoudara to Panagia Monastery and Rodia village, entrance to the Church
First view of the internal terrace, view of the Church
Monastery Panagia cells
Monastery Panagia cells, the rooms the nuns work and on the first floor their rooms to sleep
Panagia Monastery next to the Church
A walk down to the fields starting from the stairs
HappyTrain.gr view
HappyTrain.gr sightseeing view