Train Tour :

Grand Tour to Rodia village and Monastery of Panagia:

All people and especially the women should be dressed descent, the entrance to the Monastery is not allowed for women with short skirts or undressed shoulders. Make sure your dressing is the proper one to enter the Monastery area please.

Ticket + Booking code:

The bookings through this website is always valid and gives priority to customers who use this way to reserve or buy their tickets.

The hotel receptionist should inform you with the proper code of your ticket booking, if you hold a Reservation of a seat-then you are listed in the Tour. In rare cases, we may meet a difficulty in coming on scheduled time, be patient as we will pass for sure.

Heraklion city Tour:

The Heraklion city Tour is a new road Train Trip that we drive slowly along the coast of Heraklion port. The trip is short as the distance to drive there is 7km, we Stop outside Pancretan stadium, Museum of Natural History of Heraklion and Heraklion old port where you have the ability to Stop and enjoy a walk to Heraklion city-center-market and come back on a later tour to return to Ammoudara. This Stop vannot be more than 3hours and the last Tour of Return from Heraklion port to Ammoudara-cannot be later than 1950hours-starting from Heraklion port. The customer is responsible to keep times and show his ticket on the return. We donot have the ability to wait for a customer as the Port Police donot allow us to wait for long.